Rio is the biggest urban climbing centre in the world, with more than 500 routes for all levels, styles and tastes. Follows down descriptions, access maps, topos and information of the most popular climbing spots and options.

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The Lagoon in considered the heart of Rio touristic area, located between Corcovado and the beaches it has a privileged view and easy access.

Platô da Lagoa (sport) – early morning or late afternoon during the summer

The Cliff with the easiest access in Rio. It has a cement base constructed to contain landslides making it very comfortable to climb. It has 3 routes at 6th Brazilian grade (US 5.10, FRA 6a) and many at 8th (US 5.12, FRA 7a+).

  • Platô da Lagoa Vídeo

    Climbing at Platô da Lagoa

Cantagalo (short) – morning

One of the first climbing areas founded in Brazil, offers very good climbing despite the fragile rock. Nice steep wall, routes about 2 pitches (100m), good holds, easy access and different levels makes this site the best option for short climbs to any climber. All of this without mentioning the spectacular view of the Lagoon, Copacabana beach, Corcovado Mountain and the Gávea rock.

  • Topo


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  • “Urbanóide” route – Hill of Cantagalo

    Picture of the location

    Urbanóide Route – Hill of Cantagalo