Climbing Courses

Rock Climbing Introduction

Introduce the students to safe rock climbing practice. After the course the student will have basic understanding of rope procedures and safe practice and will be able to participate in activities with rope in vertical environment under the supervision of a guide.

Price: R$ 745 (private) / R$ 1260 (minimum group 2 people)
Duration: 3 classes (approximately 12 hours)
Included: Full equipment
Optional: Transportation (contact us)

Course Plan -Rock Climb Introduction

Rock Climbing Basics 

Introduce general concepts such as ethics, minimum impact, risk management and accident prevention. Enable students in techniques of climbing, including sports techniques and safety rope procedures. Make allowances for him to develop his skills practicing. At the end of this course the student will be able to participate in multi-pitch mountain climbing.

Price: R$ 1845 (private - full equipment) / R$ 3070 (minimum group 2 people)
Duration: 8 classes (approximately 30 hours)
Included: Climbing equipment, except the rock shoes and chalk
Optional: Transportation (contact us), rock shoes rental (R$ 25), chalk (R$ 5)

Course Plan - Rock Climb Basics

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